what if...?


what if when latvia pees it comes out as a martini, shaken, not stirred

What do you think?

Someone on my personal blog asked if I allowed submissions-

First, THANKS FOR 100+ FOLLOWERS! The truth is, I don’t know hahahaha. Honestly, I just made this because of my stupid ‘what if’s on my personal blog and asked people if I should make this blog. This was supposed to just be my own stupid ‘what if’ situations that really have nothing to do with anything really, except taking bits and pieces from Hetalia comics and national foods and animals and such. I do sometimes run out of ideas, lol.

SO, should I open this blog up to submissions? I would moderate them with blanket rules like ‘no blatant romantic ship submissions’, but nothing too crazy, this blog did only break 100 followers, and it does tend to fluctuate. If so, could you suggest some potential guidelines?Thank you :D

what if the cool breeze flowing up his skirt tickling his balls makes poland feel sexy

what if america’s anus is just a bagel

what if australia has no hair and everything on his head is just spiders

what if iceland’s puffin is actually just mutated liquorice

what if finland dreams of world domination and finding a way to turn everyone into moomins

what if denmark entered every meeting by swinging an axe at the door, poking his head through, and saying ‘hERE’S DENNY!’

what if england’s eyebrows are actually fairy lawns that they haven’t mowed in a long time

what if canada spends his free time dressing up as a sasquatch and photobombing tourists